Sunny Side Counseling

A local therapist reached out for assistance creating her own private practice and I worked with her to build a brand, including a name, logo, marketing copy, and a website.

Building the brand

The first step of this project was creating a name that would attract her target audience and evoke the feelings that she wanted for her brand identity. I provided her with a naming resource guide to help with this process and we walked through it together.

We looked at other private practices and used AI in our brainstorming sessions to find potential names that would resonate with younger, LGBT friendly, accepting clients. Sunny Side Counseling was the name we settled on for its calming nature, along with its warm imagery and outlook vibes.

Logo design

The next step was choosing a color pallet and creating the logo. I went through many iterations of sun related images before creating the final logo. It was clear from the start that this client did not want a minimalist logo and was looking for something personable and whimsical, like a story book illustration. 

The hand drawn logo merging a sun and a sunny side egg was an attempt to make the brand more whimsical/personal
The retro sun and moon sharing a conversation was the final logo, but colors were changed to reflect a rainbow
Some more "corporate" style logos
The final logo

Website and copy

Building the website and writing copy for it came next. I researched other therapy practice websites, collaborated with my client to determine what pages and features she thought would be important to her ideal client, and used web design best practices to create an attractive, easy to navigate, website.

It was important to use lots of images of my client to build trust with potential clients, we eventually shot a video as well.

Additionally, the copy that we wrote was very friendly and relatable in order to position my client as friendly in addition to being a knowledgeable and trustworthy guide though the therapy process.

While building the website I worked with my client to create a contact form with strategic questions to help users self select whether they would be a good fit for my client without my client having to ask them.

In addition to the website copy, I also worked closely with the client to write marketing material for therapy websites such as Psychology Today. At this time I am continuing to work with this client to create graphics and short form video content for her practice’s social media accounts. 

Project details

Tools used:
WordPress, Procreate, InDesign, Photoshop, HubSpot

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