Salary Source

Salary Source was a project I was involved in from the start. The objective was to take a long-dormant HR tool and relaunch/rebrand it so that it could be sold to HR professionals who needed an affordable tool to aid in market pricing analysis.

Early efforts - research and analysis

My favorite part of starting a new project is learning as much as I can about it. Prior to working with this client, market pricing was an important function of HR that I had never put much thought into.

If you’re curious, according to “Market pricing is the process of determining competitive pay levels for specific jobs in a defined external market.” Salary Source was designed to make the process of market pricing easier for HR professionals.

After learning about the product, I worked with the client to determine the existing competitors, and conducted market research, performed a SWOT analysis: identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

I also began developing a brand canvas by asking strategic questions with the client to determine their ideal customer/customer journey and determine what other key selling points would be useful in developing the brand and marketing copy later on.

Brand canvas document

During the early phases I also shared a guide to naming a brand with the client and started a word bank of industry terms, and other helpful questions to brainstorm potential names.

Logo design

After settling on the name Salary Source, I set out mocking up several potential logos. Designing a logo around salary was proving difficult, so I turned to “source” and pulled from the electrical symbols for source. 

Symbols for source
Inspiration hit me one night when all I had to draw on was sticky notes
A concept that was almost the final logo, it was too tall to be used easily in a lot of spaces though
The final logo fit better in a lot of places, but retained the "wave and +/-" symbols

User experience

After learning about the application, and the ideal user, I turned to updating the UX of the tool. The circle source symbols would influence the design of several buttons in the UI.

The dashboard in May 2019
The dashboard in December 2019
Price a job screen in May 2019
Price a job screen in December 2019

Web design

Alongside the marketing copy that developed out of the preliminary brand exploration, I began developing content for the website. I shared the basics of an effective website with the client. We went over the typical structure, and the purpose of each section. We used answers from their branding worksheets to write the copy so that their website would be more than just a nice looking brochure, but a tool designed for selling.

Lead magnet offering a free tool
Hero image and text

Additional materials

In addition to the website, I also produced an 85 page user’s guide, and a sales presentation template.

Presentation slides
User's guide title page
Several pages of the user's guide

Project details

Tools used:
Sketch, Adobe inDesign, Illustrator, WordPress, Netlify, GitHub

About me

Hey there, I’m Pat, thanks for visiting my portfolio/blog!

I have almost 10 years of experience working in various marketing, design, and events related roles.

I’m passionate about design, crafting and building, DIY, movies, exercise, hockey (playing recreationally and watching almost exclusively college), the arts, history, LEGO, video games, and tabletop games.

I hope you enjoy this post and have a nice rest of your day!

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