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The client for this project was a carpenter who has been in business since 1988, and has a long history of producing quality houses and renovations, but they noticed they were losing business to newer contractors that had stronger web presence than them.

When I first talked to Chaffee Carpentry in 2020 and they brought up losing business to younger competition, it was easy to see why; they had a website that hadn’t been updated since 2004!

Having a modern, functioning, attractive website is important. Potential clients will make judgements about you within seconds if your site is broken, confusing, hard to use, or unattractive/outdated.

The Chaffee Carpentry website 2004-2020

Originally the plan was to not only overhaul their website to fit their modern needs, but also to up their presence on social media, where other contractors were gaining interest and followers. Unfortunately, the pandemic occurred and the original plans and proposal had to be cut back to just a website redesign.

The main objective was to transform their dated site into a responsive, visually pleasing, design that could be viewed quickly and easily on any device. As you can see below, the mock ups went through several design phases all incorporating existing branding colors and text and additional style as much as possible.

Early about page designs
Proposed page layout for home, about, and new homes pages
Mocking up different home page designs

It was also clear that the owner was proud of their work. He had tons of pictures of finished projects, but did not have a great way to show off those images quickly to a potential client.

To solve this problem, the new website features over 25 gallery pages, some of which go multiple levels deep, and with varying ways to sort through images quickly.

These galleries are updated on a semi-regular basis, with posting in the New Homes section in particular reflecting current builds and houses about to go on the market.

Gallery page
New homes pages with many galleries

Additionally, to help compete with the trust building that younger builders were gaining from social media, I made new sections on the site focused on trust building, highlighting Chaffee’s experience and friendly core values, and the benefits of working with Chaffee/addressing potential clients fears.

Lastly, Chaffee had voiced concerns that their previous website was getting a lot of “junk” contact requests. A portion of people who reached out through the old contact form were not serious, or were very early in or uninformed on the process for getting work done on their house/designing a new house.

Trust building about page

To help with this issue, I built a robust contact form with strategic questions to help less qualified leads self-filter out of the contact process. Included was a section to upload images and design files related to their project inquiry.

New contact page

Project details

Tools used:
WordPress, Sketch, Photoshop

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